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I specialize in original handcarved lino block prints with a bit of letterpress thrown in for good measure.
All printed on antique printing machines with that unmistakable bite into the paper that you can only get with letterpress printing

The work that I do is not created on a computer everything is hand drawn then hand carved out of lino then printed one impression at a time on my tabletop letterpress machine

I do not use polymer which limits me somewhat in regards to type but I love to use traditional methods in my printing that involve handset type and hand carved designs and I think this is what make my work totally Original and Unique to what other people are doing right now and it also meaning everything I make is an original work of art
I love what I do and love to share it with others that are interested


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

screen printing fabric

I have been a busy girl this last couple of days playing around with screen printing I really wasn't sure how well it was going to turn out as I hadn't touch a screen or a squeegee for about 13 years
anyway this is how it all turned out !
Hope you like the photos !


  1. Love them, fabolous, and I thought I was over babushkas!

  2. ah yes but these aren't cute cute babushkas they are a little bit darker they almost look like they are wearing little Kimonos

  3. What do you get when you cross an Eskimo wearing a kimono, and a babushka?
    A Babesko!

  4. your a funny girl Luisa & this I why I love ya !

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! Well done...I'll be having one!

  6. thanks Rosie,your in Melbourne tonight aren't you ?

  7. oh yeah! they look fantastic.... sooooo gorgeous! xo Are you going to put them in your shop?

  8. inaluxe: yes I think I will when I get around to printing some more I made only 2o of them but if you would like one now I will list it on etsy for you if you pick the colour of the flower you like

  9. hey Narelle, they look gorgeous. i'm really looking forward to my mum bringing now my silk screen and squeegee in one week! yay!

  10. Very groovy! Hello little babushka's!!

  11. these look awesome I think I will be needing to get one also- well done- I haven't done any screen printing since college- am thinking of looking at some up coming courses to refresh- do you teach at all?

  12. silver nutmeg & golden pear : hi Ya
    no I don't teach but a friend of mine does at Adult education you could look her up her name is Joanne wild.
    I am only relearning screen printing myself and wouldn't like to masquerade around like I actually know what I'm doing when I don't lol
    so I think Joanne would be your best bet


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