Welcome to Ruby Victoria Letterpress & printmaking

Here you will find photos of all my original hand carved linocut prints and letterpress printing.
A commercial printer by trade a printmaker by choice.
I specialize in original handcarved lino block prints with a bit of letterpress thrown in for good measure.
All printed on antique printing machines with that unmistakable bite into the paper that you can only get with letterpress printing

The work that I do is not created on a computer everything is hand drawn then hand carved out of lino then printed one impression at a time on my tabletop letterpress machine

I do not use polymer which limits me somewhat in regards to type but I love to use traditional methods in my printing that involve handset type and hand carved designs and I think this is what make my work totally Original and Unique to what other people are doing right now and it also meaning everything I make is an original work of art
I love what I do and love to share it with others that are interested


Thursday, January 19, 2012

A wonderful week of Printing

It has been a busy week at the studio printing a custom order of change of address card for a family that have just done the big move from NSW moved to sunny Perth W.A, lucky them, 
I love Western Australia.
Last name and address has been blanked out for privacy purposes

I have also been busy printing some pretty heart gift tags for Valentines day which is coming up very soon in the 14th of February.

 I also decided to print some handy little notebooks with some of my older prints

These single  beehive notecards  as well as other designs will now be available  if you want to just write a little letter to someone extra special you can without having to buy a pack of them.

These will all be available at Salamanca Market this weekend

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Late Christmas Pressie for me

oh the excitement I have been wait for this package to arrive from England for about a month and it is finally here .
lovely new engraving blocks & sand bag

 I really can't wait to get started on carving these block but they are so precious I think I will have a bit of a ponder before I go ripping into one oh and I need a couple of new engraving tools .
It is going to be interest to feel the difference between carving lino to carving hard end grain wood. oh what an adventure:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

newly listed on Etsy for the first time

I thought I would get back into the swing of things by listing some new items on etsy .

glass covered wearable art linocut print brooch
 I actually made these brooches a little while ago but never got round to listing them in any of my shops so I thought it was about time
The images that are on the brooches are parts of my other linocut prints that didn't quite work out the way I had planned for instance a smudge of the paper or a fingerprint or just a not perfect print that other parts of the print were perfect so instead of wasting all the paper I thought I would up cycle them into something else a vwalla original art brooches!
This is one of my favorites
back and front view of linocut brooches

As well as my brooches My Apricot jam labels have finally made an appearance on Etsy as well I am not sure how these will be receive but I like them and thought somebody else might like them too if they are popular I will think about making some more with different images like raspberries and  strawberries and stuff like that :)

If you are interested in any of these items please follow the link to my etsy store where you will find these and many other handprinted letterpress & linocut items 

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 wholesale Product list

Well we are only 2 days into the new year and the work has already begun 

I love the feeling of having something to go ahead with and feeling enthusiastic about getting on with it.

Today I have been updating my wholesale product list for Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking and I didn't realise until now how many things I have made over the last couple of months that I have needed to include on my list.
It is a really nice feeling to realised that I have been so productive without really even noticing it .

If you are a business and would like to be emailed a copy please feel free to email me a request I will be more than happy to send one to you for your consideration.

please send an email to rubyvictorialetterpress@gmail.com