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I specialize in original handcarved lino block prints with a bit of letterpress thrown in for good measure.
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The work that I do is not created on a computer everything is hand drawn then hand carved out of lino then printed one impression at a time on my tabletop letterpress machine

I do not use polymer which limits me somewhat in regards to type but I love to use traditional methods in my printing that involve handset type and hand carved designs and I think this is what make my work totally Original and Unique to what other people are doing right now and it also meaning everything I make is an original work of art
I love what I do and love to share it with others that are interested


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yesterday in Sydney

Yesterday Ruby Allan and I had another little trip in to the city,Christopher decided to stay home where it was nice a cool, smart kid ! it turned out to be a bit of a warm one but never the less this was going to be the very last day that we would get the chance to visit the gallery so off we went armed with camera and bottles of water .

skyscrapers in inner city Sydney

After getting off the train we had a couple of blocks to walk to get to the gallery so we look the short walk through Hyde park, I was surprise to see how close we were to the tower I guess I just assumed that all the iconic Sydney landmarks would be miles apart from each other but I was wrong I mean the art gallery,the museum, the botanical gardens and the tower are all walking distance from Hyde park

Center point Tower from Hyde park

NSW art gallery

Anyway the gallery was brilliant load of my favorite artist National and international are hung there i especially like seeing the John Brack paintings he has been a bit of fav. for a while and the Francis Bacon was interesting in the flesh .
I do think that next time we visit the gallery I would like to got kiddie free and I just didn't really get to spend the time I really needed to examine the work, I am one of those annoying people that get right up close to a work and check it all right out lol anyway to cut along story short Ruby was bored out of her mind and wanted to touch everything insight so we thought it best to get out before she cost us a mere million in damages to a painting of statue, Sigh!

Big impressive statue outside the Gallery

We did manage to have a really lovely lunch at the cafe at the gallery it was a bit expensive but the quality was top notch and the service was second to none so we were happy to sit down and enjoy after a bit of a walk in the heat, I have to recommend the spinach and fetta pie with salad it was delish!

Allan ruby in Hyde Park

After lunch and a bit of a rest , we set off back through Hyde parks in the direction of the train station and on the way we came by this guy making enormous bubbles in the middle of the park Ruby was amazed and seriously excited !

Ruby is a bit obsessed with blowing bubbles at the moment so when she saw this it really rocked her boat it was hard to drag her away from him she kept looking back gasping with delight lol

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