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Here you will find photos of all my original hand carved linocut prints and letterpress printing.
A commercial printer by trade a printmaker by choice.
I specialize in original handcarved lino block prints with a bit of letterpress thrown in for good measure.
All printed on antique printing machines with that unmistakable bite into the paper that you can only get with letterpress printing

The work that I do is not created on a computer everything is hand drawn then hand carved out of lino then printed one impression at a time on my tabletop letterpress machine

I do not use polymer which limits me somewhat in regards to type but I love to use traditional methods in my printing that involve handset type and hand carved designs and I think this is what make my work totally Original and Unique to what other people are doing right now and it also meaning everything I make is an original work of art
I love what I do and love to share it with others that are interested


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

etsy v's made it

what do we all think about this?
I have been a member of "Made it"for a little while now and haven't really gotten so much as a nibble of interest and Etsy has only really just started to work for me and I have been part of esty for about 9 months .
I am just interested to hear what other people think of these sites and if they prefer one over the other and why ?


  1. this is a good question... i'm interested too. i only use etsy and i think it is good becuase it's very well known now which means a bigger customer base. but i'm thinking of trying out madeit soon because i think if aussies get behind that, it would be good to have a market place that is local (buy local!) and in aussie $. but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have taken off like etsy. i will let you know how i go if i do sign up for it.

    x isis

  2. hi Isis I was thinking the same as you ,I wanted to support and Aussie venture, I am not sure how long it has been around opposed to etsy but it just doesn't seem to have the buzz the etsy does.
    I am not sure if I will continue with made it just yet I have invested more financially in madeit and received no benefit really.
    I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens!


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