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I do not use polymer which limits me somewhat in regards to type but I love to use traditional methods in my printing that involve handset type and hand carved designs and I think this is what make my work totally Original and Unique to what other people are doing right now and it also meaning everything I make is an original work of art
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Monday, October 26, 2009

we're Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

yes we have been away for a couple of days, we decided that considering Allan had a couple of days off because of the Hobart show, we would took the opportunity to go see some people and places we have been trying to see but just never seem to be able to get away long enough to do so. we had a lovely time driving up to the north west coast of Tassie, everything is so green and alive now after all the rain we have had here over the last couple of months we are now completely out of drought now in Tassie I can't say the same for mainland Australia though. I cant ever remember seeing the midlands so green and I have been travelling this road all my life it is truly a surreal experience.

So we packed the car and drove, stopped at Campbell town for coffee fix at Zeps then continued on, half way between Campbell town and Perth we got a flat tyre ...great! Had it changed in Minute, ruby wanted to get out of the car and screamed her lungs out when we said No, oh well that's ferals for ya! so tag team tyre changing and we were off again.

We decided to drop into Launceston on the way to pay a quick visit to Cocoon homewares and The ruby Pear, what wonderful stores and even more wonderful store owners. I now have prints stocked at The ruby Pear and have some collaborative work now in the pipe line with Coccoon very exciting stuff.
Off again to mums Farm at Dulverton It was nice to get to where we were going and to just rest
so quiet and peaceful, we slept like logs that night!

Next day off to see Dads in Devonport and to sift through boxes of my stuff still stored there, saw my cat freddles there, dad adopted him when I moved to Perth Western Aust a couple of years back, he is such a beautiful cat I miss my freddle deddles. I can't take him back now as much as I would like to, Dad has become very attached to old Freddie and he had become his little mate so I figure it is best to just leave them be.

Off to Pick Christopher up from school and then over to Penguin to my mate Kathy s for dinner and a catch up I haven't seen Kathy for about 9 months, it is always great to catch up we also seem to just pick up from where we left off, the kids got to catch up our kids have practically grown up together and they are like Kathy and I, it doesn't matter how long between visits they just pick up and get on with the friendship like they had never been apart, it was then time to go back to my mothers for the night.

Spent the next day doing nothing really Chris had a birthday party to go to, Ruby spent the afternoon with nanna on the farm and Allan& I got to do some shopping and went out for lunch ALONE!!
One unplanned thing we did was drop into the Antiques Emporium in Devonport I hadn't been in there before and it was incredible you walk in and you are just dazzled by the amount of stuff in this place, John the owner leases out space to antique dealers about 40 in total and there is so much wonderful stuff in this place it is mind blowing , you really must take a look if you are ever in the area you could easily spend a day there going through everything. We got taking with John and we worked out that John and I both grew up in the same area of Devonport and that I more than likely rode my bike past his house everyday as a child , funny really as I don't recall ever seeing John he was saying he is a 5th generation Devonport person I didn't know whether to be impress or feel sorry for the guy lol
Anyway he collects books and was saying he was looking for someone to print some book plates for him, a total of over 5000 book plates noice ! I seriously have to get the platen into a home and get it running I don't like the ides of doing 5ooo two plate book plates on the adana.

Let hope the garage gods will shine on me soon and drop one from the shy into out yard !!

Picked Chris up from his party exhausted from running around and back to mums to ruby and tea and then bed .
Sunday we are going home yipee It is nice to go away for a while but home always looks and feels the best ,there is nothing like sleeping on your own bed and laying around on your own couch.

Sorry there aren't any photos this time around I know a bit slack really but I just didn't happen this time around I took only a couple of photos of the Canolia flowers just out of Campbell town the yellow was so bright i had to take a photo it looked so beautiful with the contrasting blue of the sky !

P.s Just a little reminder my teapot give away end at 10 midnight tonight Australian time so if you would like to be part of the fun just go to the give away blog just below and enter before your time is up and good luck I will post the winner tomorrow

I also would like to say thank you to Rachael of challencharms for the lovely give away that I actually was lucky enough to win, I found out yesterday when i got home, I cant wait to see if I get the earring or the bookmark!!


  1. Love the picture of the canola. And I'm a Devonport girl too (but went to school in Ulverstone) - nice to go back for a visit but also nice to get back to Hobart (which is now home).

  2. thanks Ange the colour of the flowers were truly blinding and a welcome sight after dust brown for the past 10 year through the midlands.

  3. Thanks for the plug :). I posted it in the mail yesterday. I won't tell you which I sent... I'll let it be a surprise.


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